Listed to the left is a sampling of some of our restoration, development and repair projects that we have completed over the years. Click on the project name to see it in more detail.

We've documented many of our projects here, from start to finish and have provided information that may help you duplicate, or, hopefully, surpass our results.

Unfortunately, for some of the older projects, we only have photographs to share with you. We just didn't have the foresight to document the project as it progressed. Sorry.

Mills Black Cherry Slot Machine

Concrete Fountain Repair

Electro Voice Microphone Restoration

National HRO-60 Restoration and Modification

Contax Camera Case

Meade ETX Telescope Carrying Case

Heath H8 CPM Computer System

R.L. Drake 1544 Adapter Reproduction

E.F. Johnson Pacemaker Restoration

Custom signal tracer

Collins KWM-380 antenna tuner

HBR-16 receiver

HBT-90 transmitter

"Drake" SD-7 signal display

Central Electronics 200V

Poor man's HP 410C VTVM

Emmitt's New Vehicle

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