We love a black wrinkle finish and use it quite a bit here at Emmitt's. Over the years we've developed a technique that works well for us. Here are our secrets to a good wrinkle finish.

First, we haven't found one brand of paint that we prefer over another. One manufacturer's formula seems to work for us as good as another.

The secret to the level of wrinkle is the amount of paint applied. A thicker coat will wrinkle coarser, a thinner coat will wrinkle finer.

Wrinkle paint sags quite easily. So the secret of preventing runs and sags is to paint horizontally whenever possible. So if you're painting a box, it will take six separate operations to achieve a sag free finish.

The secret to an even finish is forced heat! Use a heat gun or hair dryer. This is really a must.

Here are the steps:

1. Spray a nice heavy coat on the object's top (horizontal) surface.

2. If you want a coarse wrinkle, wait until the first coat flashes (dulls), typically just a few minutes, then spray a second coat.

3. Immediately, start applying heat with a heat gun or, if none is available, a hair dryer. Keep the gun moving over the entire surface of the object.

4. Within just a few minutes, the paint will begin to wrinkle somewhere on the object.

5. Use the heat gun to keep the wrinkle building from its starting point until the whole object has wrinkled. While this is hard to visualize in print, once you've tried it, you'll quickly seen what we mean and get the hang of it.

HBR-16 Receiver front panel and case
Mills slot machine.The wrinkle looks uneven due to camera focus
1971 Corvette air cleaner and valve covers
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