It is well known that paper and electrolytic capacitors in older electronics dry out over time and need to be replaced. This really isn't optional. If these capacitors don't leak or aren't shorted now, sometime, probably in the near future, they will leak or short. We replaced every paper and electrolytic capacitor in this receiver out of hand.

Fortunately, the same problem isn't as prevalent in ceramic disk and mica capacitors. Troubleshooting and alignment normally pinpoint any of these that need to be replaced.

What is not as widely known is that resistors tend to rise in value over time. Whether a resistor will move out of spec over the years depends upon whether it is, due to the nature of its original manufacturing, susceptible to moisture absorption. With this in mind we always make sure that the resistors are within specifications.

Click the "list of HRO-60 capacitors and appropriate replacements" link at the left for a handy list of the HRO-60 capacitors that will need replaced in any restoration.

We ended up replacing 25 capacitors (all but one were paper or electrolytice) and 29 out of tolerance resistors. This was in additiona to 5 vacuum tubes, 2 toggle switches, one potentiometer and 3 lamps.

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Under chassis prior to recapping.
Under chassis after recapping.
Closeup of the HV filter caps.
List of HRO-60 capacitors and appropriate replacements.