This is one of the handiest tools around the Fix It Shop when we're working on restoring an old piece of electronics.

When we need to replace a defective component, often an old paper capacitor, unsoldering the bad component is often not the best option. Typically the procedure could mean destroying a fragile switch wafer or stressing an already overstressed connection.

We've found that the best procedure is to clip out the defective component and splice in the new. Though the results are not 100% authentic neither is the new component that we've using. Life's a compromise.

This is where the pigtail splice tool we invented comes into play. Made out of some spring steel wire and the handle of an old screwdriver, it creates a hollow pigtail in the leads of the new component. The interior dimension of the pigtail is the correct diameter to slip over the old lead of the clipped out component.

A bit of solder, and, if necessary, a bit of shrink wrap, and we're left with a mechanically and electrically secure joint.

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The tool, ready to use
The tool consists of a pin, a hook and a handle.
Insert the lead under the hook.
Twist the tool counterclockwise to form the pigtail over the pin.
Insert the other lead and give it a little squeeze with pliers,. . .
apply a bit of solder and
and a bit of shrink wrap tubing/